EPIC Ride Details

Attention Old School Racing Team member!

Here is the route for the EPIC ride this Sunday.  We meet at 9:00 and roll out at 9:15.


The weather is questionable again.  IF it is not 35 at 8:30 a.m., We will meet at 10:00 a.m. and do a shorter ride.

Questions?  Text Mark at 720 233 3335

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Team Moab Spring Training Camp!

Our team Moab Spring Training Camp was a huge success!  Road and Mountain riders had a fun time enjoying the sun and scenery of the Utah desert!

20140309MoabCampKlondikeRide-597 IMG_7632 IMG_3408 IMG_3399 IMG_2353 IMG_1670 IMG_1121

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Congratulations to our 2014 CX National Champion– Maurine Sweeney!!

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2014 CX National Champion – Maurine Sweeney!!!
We are proud of you, Maurine!

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Team Ride Etiquette

Team Ride Etiquette:  Safety and following all traffic laws is a must on all team rides.  Any time you are wearing our team kit, you are representing our team.  Please act responsibly and as an ambassador for the cycling community and follow these tips.  Inconsiderate and unsafe riding during team rides will not be tolerated.

Colorado Bike Law Safety Tips found here: http://colobikelaw.com/tips.php

Bicycling on Colorado’s Roads
Bicyclists have all the rights and duties applicable to the drivers of any other vehicle and can be penalized for violating traffic laws.
  • Ride on the right, never ride against traffic
  • Ride in the right lane, except when passing another vehicle, preparing for a left turn or avoiding hazards
  • Ride on paved shoulders and bike lanes when present and free of hazards
  • Ride no more than two abreast, returning to single-file if riding two abreast would impede the flow of traffic
  • On curving canyon roads without bike lanes or shoulders, play it safe and ride single file
  • Obey traffic laws, signs, and signals
  • Use hand signals to indicate left or right turns, slowing or stopping
  • Use a headlight, taillight, and reflectors at night
  • Make eye contact with drivers
  • Never assume motorists see you or that you have the right-of-way
  • Wear passive safety equipment to protect yourself: helmet, glasses, and gloves
  • Expect the unexpected; your first responsibility is to be safe

Thank you and have fun out there, but most importantly be safe!

Kim Nordquist,
President, Racer X Cycling

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BRAC Breakaway Bash — Road Cup Awards Party tomorrow night!!

BRAC Breakaway Bash — Road Cup Awards Party!!!

Tomorrow, Friday, November 22nd, 6pm, at the American Mountaineering Center, 710 10th St., Golden, CO

This year’s fall awards party will be more fun than ever and expanded to include our track racers! Our emcee is local sports anchor and cycling supporter Susie Wargin! We’ll have a great silent auction to support better programs for our members – all proceeds from the silent auction benefit our Junior Development Program, and tips from beer and wine support our Women’s Programs. Yummy food, Izzes, beer from Great Divide and wine from Mondo Vino. This evening will be a real celebration of the greatest state for cycling and racing!

Hope to see you there!!

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Annual Meeting of the Club Council

The annual meeting for BRAC is 6 PM tonight at Rocky Mountain PBS (1089 Bannock Street).  The link below has more information about the meeting, but the highlights are as follows:

  • Summary of 2013
  • Masters 35+ Category Proposal
  • Election of the Board of Directors - Our very own Kim Nordquist is running for the board!

It should be a very interesting meeting, please show up if you would like a little more insight into how the BRAC runs.


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70 Degrees and Sunny in November: Why Not an Afternoon Ride?

Starting in Morrison heading south a solid group of 9 blue and black clad riders tore through tree lined paths and wide avenues littered with only remnants of fallen leaves.  The cadence was high and the pressure was on.  Each uptick in the road was attacked with ever more fervor but the group maintained its unity.  Legs were on fire and the cooling air burned their lungs, but the warmth of comrades on a Wednesday afternoon riding side by side sharing stories and scorching climbs kept the chill from reaching into the bones.


The off-season is just beginning.  This is where your stripes are earned.

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Old School Racing Sign Up and Clothing Deadline/ Instructions

Old School Racing Sign Up and Clothing Deadline

Generated on November 11, 2013

There are only two (2) days left to sign up for the 2014 Old School Racing team AND get in your clothing order (you can sign up later but will then not be guaranteed clothing).

Signing up as a 2014 Old School Racing member is a 2-step process!

STEP 1: As a renewing member go to http://www.racerxcycling.com/returning-members-2014-racer-x-membership/, complete the form, submit the form and pay your $75 membership fee via Paypal. As a new member go to http://www.racerxcycling.com/2014-racer-x-membership/ and complete the “Expression of Interest” form. Once you submit this form and the RXC BOD approves your application, membership will send you login info to our website plus directions on how to complete your membership sign up process.

STEP 2: Once you have paid you $75 membership fee you can then go to the Castelli Online Store to order your base kit (required) and then any additional goodies off the long list of items. Please go to this link and this link only: https://teamorder.serviziocorse.com/index.aspx?pc=7A41FD1A-C3CC-43C0-8F62-FF3BF953E877. Then either login under “Returning Users” with your email and password or under “New Users” by entering your email address.

For any remaining questions please email clothing@racerxcycling.com.

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Sorry,you must be a Racer X Cycling Team member to view this content.

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Old School Racing Sign Up and Clothing Deadline – 11/13 and last fit kit at Castelli this Friday 11/8!!

Old School Racing Sign Up and Clothing Deadline – 11/13

The first Old School Racing clothing order will be submitted on 11/15 and with that the online store will be closed by the end of the day on Wednesday, 11/13.

Don’t wait or delay signing up and getting in your order! A second clothing order is not guaranteed.

To order your 2014 Old School Racing race kit and clothing please go to https://teamorder.serviziocorse.com/index.aspx?pc=7A41FD1A-C3CC-43C0-8F62-FF3BF953E877 and either log in with you login/password from the last time you placed an order or, if you are a new member, just enter your email address on the right under “New Users” and click on “Create Account”.

Hope to see you at the Castelli Fit Kit Party this FRIDAY, the 8th of Nov., 4-7pm!
Location:  Ptarmigan Group/ Castelli store, 17301 W Colfax Ave STE 412, Golden, Colorado 8040

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