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Racer X Cycling (RXC) – Vision, Mission and Values

Racer X Cycling is a bike race team located in Golden, Colorado.  We have a strong, winning presence in the Front Range road racing events, as well as, mountain bike racing and cyclocross events.  We are a team comprised of Beginner Cat 5, Masters, and Cat 1-4 racers.  Racer X Cycling provides a well-managed support structure, training programs and camps, and team environment for the committed beginner, intermediate and experienced female and male racers wanting to further improve their skills and reach their personal racing goals. We love our sport and we believe in camaraderie, training, racing, and giving back to the team and our community through mentoring and volunteering. Our team operates around a strong sense of camaraderie and support for each other.  Most importantly, we love to race our bikes!

Racer X Cycling Training Camps, Parties, Sponsor Opportunities, Training Rides, Race Support:

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