Women’s Racing

2016 was a great year for the RXC Women!!

2015 RXC Picnic RXC Women Women RAcer X Cycling RXC Women





2016 Women’s team 40+ 2nd place, Women’s team 50+ 3rd place

Individual SW 4: Michelle Main 3rd place, Individual MW 40+: Jen G 2nd place!! 

Women Trophy 2016

Women in Pink 2016 BRAC Cup

The Women of Racer X Cycling for 2017

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We are honored to have such an amazing group of strong, enthusiastic and fun women on Racer X Cycling!!


2015 RXC Women's Pink Kits!

2016-2017 RXC Women’s Pink Kits!

2015RXCPink warmers

PINK again for 2017!!



 Tour of the Gila

Racer X Cycling Women’s Racing

Racer X Cycling is open to Cat 4 and higher women who share our passion for racing and enjoy the fun and support of a strong team. We offer women’s specific training rides and clinics which are fun and informative for everyone. Also, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to train with the amazing group of guys on our team which provide an encouraging and supportive atmosphere to improve our fitness and skills.

We have a strong endurance mountain bike contingent, as well as, an enthusiastic and motivated road racing group. Our goal is to foster camaraderie and cohesion among our women racers so that we have a core group of women who race and train together as a team and provide a formidable force at the races.

Please email womensracing@racerxcycling.com for more information and requirements.

See you on the trails and road!