18hr of Fruita Race report

18hr of Fruita Race report

RXC sent two teams to the 18hr of Fruita,
THIS ONE’S FOR WALDO; Peter R, Kim, Ted, Art, Sean, Rob.
SPEED RACERS OLDER BROTHER; Bob, Keith, Vincent, Christine, Jon, Peter F.
For most, this was the first time to race or ride around Highline Lake State Park. The event, trail and atmosphere was awesome! The park has great green grass camping under large shade trees. This is something to put on your calendar for next year.

The course is a 7.5 mile twisty trail around the lake with 3 short climbs which makes for a fun and fast course. Even with all the twisting, the average speeds of the fastest racers was over 15mph. The Start is at midnight Friday/Saturday which makes for a really interesting first lap.

RXC entered two 6-8 person coed Geezer teams. This was a mistake in hindsight as we had a “slow” team and “fast” team but it put us in the situation where we where racing each other. Our slow team had the speed to win the category and our fast team won the event overall, check out the results.

Long events like this are always fun and as you near the last few hours, our team started doing a lot of math trying to figure out how many laps we needed to get in.

Speed Racers older brother wanted to get in 34 laps. It was close, Keith C. headed out for the last lap needing to do a sub 31min lap. Having taken everything off his bike he headed out and turned in his fastest lap of the race with a sub 30min lap and coming in with only a couple minutes to spare.




Here are some photos and a short video.

Bob on last lap