Big crew of RXC gets out on a hot Saturday to race MTB

Big crew of RXC gets out on a hot Saturday to race MTB

Racer X Cycling races attended the Go Pro games and the opening race of the Winter Park, Epic Singletrack series


Saturday was a long, hot, dry, dusty and FUN race at the Granby Ranch ski area.

Racer X Cycling dominated most of the podiums for the day! 14 Racers made it to the finish line!

Official Team Results are not published yet BUT RXC Team A is certainly in FIRST place with a score of 295 points (out of 300 perfect scores).

This Team score resulted from 2 first place finishers, 3-second place finishers, and 1 third-place finisher! Fantastic!

Individual finishers:

Carla Hammer 1st place Expert 50+

Peter Rockwood 1st place Open 60+

Scott Beck 2nd place Sport 30-34

Keith Collins 2nd place Expert 45-49

Jon Cox 2nd place Expert 50+

Sean Pieper 2nd place Novice 40-49

Bob Campbell 3rd place Open 60+

Vince Davis 4th place Singlespeed

Cory Kramer 4th place Open 60+

Will Allen 6th place Expert 50+

Jeff Pool 6th place Expert 40-44

Ted Benning 7th place Expert 50+

Brett Hoopes 7th place Sport 45-49

Bradley Stine 10th place Sport 30-39


Go Pro Games.
I don’t have a list at this time.