MTB Race #3 Highlands Ranch

MTB Race #3 Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch Race #3, Badlands Circuit, saw a record number of RXC Junior MTB racers last Wednesday.  One quarter of the boy’s 15-18 field was made up of RXC Juniors, some of them racing for their first time. Congrats to the 11 guys who made the commitment and for giving it all you had! More than half of the girl’s highly competitive 15-18 field was comprised of Racer X Juniors. Tough class. Well done all six ladies!

The guys

The Girls

On the adult side, nine RXC racers, including parents, saw action Wednesday. Kudos to Maria Harvey for locking up a hard-fought 2nd place in Sport Female and to Mark Culver earning 4th place in his first ever MTB race in Beginner Male. All in all it was a great Wednesday evening with a super turnout of racers, parents, coaches and spouses. Way to represent – RXC! Thanks Cindy Elliott for this after-party photo that sums it all up!

Mark, Dan and Brian

Dab, Maria, Richard

Peter and Richard