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Here is a great calendar of Colorado area 2018 mountain bike events.

  • RACER X CYCLING WINS Winter Park Mountain Bike Series!!!!! (8/22/2018)

    Winter Park FINALE! King of the Rockies

    Saturday was a wet, muddy and cold final race in the 6-race Winter Park Series.  Racer X Cycling slogged their way to a Team Season podium win and MANY individual racers also were on the Podium for top 3 SEASON performances in their respective categories.

    It was a long day as awards were delayed late into the afternoon so MUCH thanks to all of you for sticking around!  We went thru many cases of beer, tons of brats and hamburgers as the weather cleared after the race ended.

    Thanks to EVERYONE who participated in some or ALL of the 6 races! It was a great season!

    Race 6 King of the Rockies performances:

    Carla Hammer 1st Expert 50+
    Keith Collins 1st Expert 45-49
    Bob Campbell 1st Open 60+
    Brett Hoopes 2nd Sport 45-49
    Peter Rockwood 2nd Open 60+
    Carl Mueller 2nd Sport 19-29
    Jon Cox 3rd Expert 50+
    Tony Romagna 4th Sport 40-44
    Scott Beck 5th Sport 30-39
    Cory Kramer 5th Open 60+
    Robert Montgomery 8th Sport 50-59
    Sean Malone 16th Expert 45-49

    CONGRATS everyone!!!


  • WINTER PARK RACE #5 SUPER LOOP Results (8/10/2018)

    Saturday was a wet, tough Mountain Bike Race at Winter Park and RXC had its best performances of the season!

    Men Open 60+ SWEPT the podium!

    Team A came close to a perfect score with a total of 296 points! Wow! Looks like Team A has the TOP podium spot for the season locked up! Team B had a great performance as well and according to Team B Captain Cory Kramer has a shot at 3rd overall if EVERYONE on Team B can show up for King of the Rockies!!!

    Again, everybody below had stellar and improved results!

    Carla Hammer            1st Expert 50+
    Kristi Leinen                1st Singlespeed
    Maureen Sweeney      1st Sport 50+
    Jon Cox                       1st Expert 50+
    Bob Campbell             1st Open 60+
    Keith Collins                2nd Expert 45-49
    Peter Rockwood          2nd Open 60+
    Scott Beck                   3rd Sport 30-39
    Brett Hoopes               3rd Sport 45-49
    Richard Elliott              3rd Open 60+
    Cory Kramer                4th Open 60+
    Jeff Pool                      5th Expert 40-44
    Ted Benning                5th Expert 50+
    Brook Spindler            6th Sport 45-49

  • WINTER PARK RACE #4 – Elk Creek Race RECAP (7/23/2018)

    Excellent racing conditions although a bit dry and loose brought out the best in the RXC racers at Winter Park! Many people had their best finishes of the season! Look at all the podium finishers below! Wow!

    Team A is maintaining their commanding lead with 294 points for this race! Team B had great scores but not enough starters.

    Congrats to everyone!


    Carla Hammer 1st Expert 50+
    Kristi Leinen 1st Singlespeed
    Tony Romagna 1st Sport 40-44
    Bob Campbell 1st Open 60+
    Keith Collins 2nd Expert 45-49
    Brett Hoopes 2nd Sport 45-49
    Peter Rockwood 2nd Open 60+
    Jon Cox 3rd Expert 50+
    Scott Beck 3rd Sport 30-39
    Jeff Pool 4th Expert 40-44
    Cory Kramer 6th Open 60+
    Ted Benning 7th Expert 50+
    Will Allen 8th Expert 50+


  • WINTER PARK RACE #3 RECAP (7/12/2018)

    Last Saturday RXC DOMINATED Winter Park MTB Series Race 3: Race Rendezvous. It was a hot, dry and dusty BUT crazy fun race course! RXC Team A continues to TOP the standings with Team B making a run for the podium.  WE HAD 18 PEOPLE RACING!!  RESULTS BELOW.



    Individual stellar performances:

    Carla Hammer 1st Expert 50+
    Jon Cox 1st Expert 50+
    Bob Campbell 1st Open 60+

    Scott Beck 2nd Sport 30-39
    Jon Wells 2nd Expert 19-29
    Peter Furness 3rd Expert 50+
    Peter Rockwood 3rd Open 60+
    Scott Bristol 3rd Clydesdale

    Lisa Davis 4th Sport 40-49
    Keith Collins 4th Expert 45-49
    Vince Davis 4th Singlespeed
    Brett Hoopes 4th Sport 45-49
    Jeff Pool 5th Expert 40-44
    Ted Benning 5th Expert 50+
    Cory Kramer 5th Open 60+
    Tony Romagna 6th Sport 40-44
    Rob Montgomery 11th Sport 50-59
    Dan Tybor 14th Sport 40-44

  • FIRECRACKER 50 RESULTS (7/9/2018)

    Congrats to Sean Malone for placing 2nd in the Firecracker 50 on July 4!  This is a full-on MTB course with approx 8,000 feet of climbing, with steep lung-busting climbs and some fast loose descents.  Way to represent the team!


  • WINTER PARK RACE #2 RECAP (6/28/2018)

    Saturday was a great day for Winter Park Epic Singletrack Series Race #2; the Valley Point-to-Point.

    Many racers stopped on the D2 descent to check on one of our RXC racers that had a bad crash.

    I’m happy to report that, after being airlifted to St. Anthony’s, Troy Lyons is home and doing OK. The team wishes him a speedy recovery!

    Even with this pause for many racers mid-race,  RXC had a stellar day!  Many, many podiums and the biggest news of the day is that Team A and Team B scored the SAME number of points at 287!!!  Team A is certain to maintain top ranking in the Series with Team B making a solid run for the podium!  How COOL would it be to have 2 teams on the season podium!!!

    Individual results: (LOOK at all the 1st place podium spots!!!)
    Race #2 Results

    Carla Hammer 1st Expert 50+
    Kristi Leinen 1st Singlespeed
    Maurine Sweeney 1st Sport 50+
    Keith Collins 1st Expert 45-49
    Sean Malone 1st Sport 45-49
    Bob Campbell 1st Open 60+
    Christine Snider 1st Expert 40-49

    Jon Cox 2nd Expert 50+
    Cory Kramer 3rd Open 60+
    Vince Davis 4th Singlespeed
    Lisa Davis 5th Sport 40-49
    Will Allen 5th Expert 50+
    Sean Pieper 5th Novice 40-49
    Jeff Pool 7th Expert 40-44
    Brett Hoopes 8th Sport 45-49
    Ted Benning 12th Expert 50+



  • Big crew of RXC gets out on a hot Saturday to race MTB (6/14/2018)

    Racer X Cycling races attended the Go Pro games and the opening race of the Winter Park, Epic Singletrack series


    Saturday was a long, hot, dry, dusty and FUN race at the Granby Ranch ski area.

    Racer X Cycling dominated most of the podiums for the day! 14 Racers made it to the finish line!

    Official Team Results are not published yet BUT RXC Team A is certainly in FIRST place with a score of 295 points (out of 300 perfect scores).

    This Team score resulted from 2 first place finishers, 3-second place finishers, and 1 third-place finisher! Fantastic!

    Individual finishers:

    Carla Hammer 1st place Expert 50+

    Peter Rockwood 1st place Open 60+

    Scott Beck 2nd place Sport 30-34

    Keith Collins 2nd place Expert 45-49

    Jon Cox 2nd place Expert 50+

    Sean Pieper 2nd place Novice 40-49

    Bob Campbell 3rd place Open 60+

    Vince Davis 4th place Singlespeed

    Cory Kramer 4th place Open 60+

    Will Allen 6th place Expert 50+

    Jeff Pool 6th place Expert 40-44

    Ted Benning 7th place Expert 50+

    Brett Hoopes 7th place Sport 45-49

    Bradley Stine 10th place Sport 30-39


    Go Pro Games.
    I don’t have a list at this time.


  • Rain on the east slope, hard racing on the West slope for the mountain RXC riders (5/20/2018)

    The Battle of the Bear race was postponed with no new date yet set.
    For those on the team that signed up for the Epic Rides Grand Junction Off-road, it was a beautiful day to race. The race was fast, the course was challenging and conditions tough. Bob Cambell, Keith Collins, Lisa and Vincent Davis made the trip out to race. All entered the Grand Junction Off-Road – 40 Grand

    Bob was having bad luck with his wheel, destroying one pre-riding the course and then having a spoke stick through his rim tape during the race. He was in good position but the result is that he walked out. Keith said he had a C+ ride commenting how tough the course was this year. It was really dry and dusty which made for poor grip and the fast snaking technical trails. Keith finished 8th in the 45+ at 4:30. Lisa and Vincent rode their tandem. They (we) had a solid race 15min behind Keith with no mishaps and a time of 4:15. This would have put Lisa as 1st open women and Vincent 11th masters men. Full results here LINK

    Lisa and Vincent got a cool write-up in The Daily Sentinal. and more on their blog MTB Tandem Coach.

    If you have not done this race you should consider it. Its a cool scene in downtown Grand Junction. The pros race a fat tire crit Friday night and Saturday night is a Music festival.

    Special thanks to our sponsors, The Feed helping keep us feed, Big Ring cycles which just had there reopened.
    and all our other sponsors.





  • 18hr of Fruita Race report (5/11/2018)

    RXC sent two teams to the 18hr of Fruita,
    THIS ONE’S FOR WALDO; Peter R, Kim, Ted, Art, Sean, Rob.
    SPEED RACERS OLDER BROTHER; Bob, Keith, Vincent, Christine, Jon, Peter F.
    For most, this was the first time to race or ride around Highline Lake State Park. The event, trail and atmosphere was awesome! The park has great green grass camping under large shade trees. This is something to put on your calendar for next year.

    The course is a 7.5 mile twisty trail around the lake with 3 short climbs which makes for a fun and fast course. Even with all the twisting, the average speeds of the fastest racers was over 15mph. The Start is at midnight Friday/Saturday which makes for a really interesting first lap.

    RXC entered two 6-8 person coed Geezer teams. This was a mistake in hindsight as we had a “slow” team and “fast” team but it put us in the situation where we where racing each other. Our slow team had the speed to win the category and our fast team won the event overall, check out the results.

    Long events like this are always fun and as you near the last few hours, our team started doing a lot of math trying to figure out how many laps we needed to get in.

    Speed Racers older brother wanted to get in 34 laps. It was close, Keith C. headed out for the last lap needing to do a sub 31min lap. Having taken everything off his bike he headed out and turned in his fastest lap of the race with a sub 30min lap and coming in with only a couple minutes to spare.




    Here are some photos and a short video.

    Bob on last lap


  • Big Ring Cycles Grand Re-Opening (5/10/2018)

    Thursday, May 17 through Sunday, May 20

    Come celebrate Big Ring Cycles reopening and awesome new shop. We will have test rides, group rides, drinks, food. See wants in store each day then pick a day to visit or visit each day.

    Thursday, May 17
    6:00 pm: Group road rides and post-ride beers at Barrels and Bottles

    Friday, May 18
    7:00 pm – 9:00 pm: After hours party* featuring the Big Ring Cocktail Contest and Smokey J’s BBQ. Celebrating 2 years under new ownership with a new leadership team.

    Saturday, May 19
    Demo bikes from Parlee and Rocky Mountain. Meet reps from some of the best companies in the industry. Word is there may be some specials too!

    Sunday, May 20
    8:00 am: Wheels up for group road and mountain bike rides. Return to scones and coffee from Bike-a-Latte
    10:00am – 2:00pm: Trek e-bike demo day

  • Winter Park: Team commitments needed (5/9/2018)

    HELLO MOUNTAIN BIKE RACERS!!!   Since Mountain Bike racing season is upon us, we are now evaluating our TEAM presence at Winter Park (WP).

    We have enough talented racers on the team to not only finish on the team podium for the season but to unseat Avout from their recent dominance.
    WHAT WE NEED is your solid commitment too race. The rosters can’t change throughout the season (more below).  Additionally, I’m looking for someone to help out at the WP races: coordinating our pit area, bringing team tent, etc.  The schedule and team rules are below.

    Race 1: Saturday, June 9 – Granby Ranch XC (New! No more hill climb..) This is a fun 2-lap race up/down the mountain for pro/experts and is 20.6 miles. 13.1 miles for Sport/Beginner
    Race 2: Saturday, June 23 – XC Super Loop course TBD
    Race 3: Saturday, July 7 – Race Rendezvous
    Race 4: Saturday, July 21 – Elk Creek XC
    Race 5: Saturday, August 45 – Devil’s Thumb Ranch  Point to Point    NEW!!!!!!!
    Race 6: Saturday, August 18 – King of the Rockies
    Team Captain: Ted Benning


    • Team rosters must be submitted by the team captain by Friday, June 8, 2018.
    • Please include the following: first name, last name, year of birth and racing class.  Teams can be made up of both men and women in any skill or age category.
    • Once a rider is submitted for a team, they cannot change to another team or be dropped from the team. A rider may be a member of only one team.
    • Team points will be calculated by adding the individual race points of the 6 highest racers of each team with all races counting towards the total.  A perfect score would be 300 points per race (50×6)  and 1800 points for the series (six 300-point races)

    RXC WP Team Strategy:  I will submit team rosters for the SEASON by June 8. These CANNOT be changed. Also; you CANNOT be added to any team rosters AFTER June 8. So it is important to commit only to races that you know you are showing up for. I put teams together so that we are at “maximum strength” for each race. 6 racers out of 10 per team score for that race.
    Registration info: (NOTE: as of May 8, the registration site is not up yet..)

    ACTION TO TAKE:  Please contact Ted Benning with your race plans so I can get you placed on teams. Register for your races. Also please contact Ted with any questions.
    CONTACT:  Ted Benning

  • Team clothing order (Spring 2018) (5/9/2018)

    RXC Team Members have expressed interest in purchasing some more RXC custom clothing, we decided to open our team store for a 3rd and final round.

    Comments regarding this 3rd store:

    • We added the Offroad All Mountain Baggy Shorts, available both in men’s and women’s cuts. These baggies are a slim, tailored, XC short. If you get the same size as your team bibs/shorts these will fit snug on you. If you prefer a more generously fitting baggy, go up one size. They come with an internal elastic waistband with rubber buttons so you can snug up the waist if they are a little big.
    • We also added the Aero Race Gloves in the Women’s FAST pink accents. Very stylish and a must have! Note: we need a minimum of 5 pairs, better 10. Order away!
    • We also need a minimum of 5 pairs for the Men’s Aero Race Gloves, please.
    • The listed inline (non-custom) Cuore items are being offered at 25% off regular MSRP. Good time to jump on this deal.
    A note on fitting Cuore clothing:
    If you are not sure what sizing to order and want to pay a visit to the Cuore office in Boulder, please send an email to Mike at and he will set up an appointment for you to come in and try on clothing. For any other questions send me an email at 🙂
    Detailed instruction for placing your order can be found here.