Winter Park – 2019 Race #1

Winter Park – 2019 Race #1

Racer X in Winter Park!

Saturday the grueling and often dreaded Hill Climb returned to the Winter Park MTB Series.  The weather cooperated and the road was dry!  The racing conditions were optimal.

Racer X Cycling jerseys were dominant on the road to the top!

Our new Junior team performed well with Sam Hill and Coleman Ryan both finishing second in their categories!

Coleman Ryab
Sam Hill

Kristi Leinen was the sole female singlespeed racer and her result was combined with the men. As if riding a singlespeed isn’t already demanding; she deserved podium recognition! We are working to fix this in the future.

The TEAM results are not posted yet, but Team A had 5 podium finishes! There is a pretty solid chance that Team A is leading the standings.

Vincent Davis
Carla Hammer
Bob Campbell

Congratulations to all the RXC racers that endured the climb to the top!

Bob Campbell 1st Open 60+
Ryan Coleman 2nd Novice 15-18
Sam Hill 2nd Sport 18 under
Sean Malone 2nd Sport 45-49
Carla Hammer 2nd Expert 40+
Jeff Pool 2nd Expert 45-49
Vince Davis 3rd Singlespeed
Lisa Davis 3rd Sport 40+
Will Allen 5th Expert 50+
Kristi Leinen 5th Singlespeed (1st female!)
Peter Rockwood 6th Open 60+
Ted Benning 9th Expert 50+
Rob Montgomery 10th Sport 50+
Cory Kramer 12th Open 60+