Winter Park #4 – Point to Point

Winter Park #4 – Point to Point

The Winter Park Point-to-Point Race was Saturday on a perfect day! A Super-Fun course that encompassed the start of upcoming MTB Nationals. The start lines were much larger than usual due to the upcoming Nats.

The results were screwy at first, and still unofficial but here are our awesome RXC finishes:

Keith Principe 1st FatBike

Carla Hammer 1st Expert 40+

Bob Campbell 1st Open 60+

Kathy Giess 2nd Sport 40+

Scott Bristol 3rd Clydesdale

Alyssa Leifer 4th Sport 18-under

Brian Thompson 4th Sport 19-39

Christian Williss 5th Sport 45-49

Peter Rockwood 6th Open 60+

Jon Cox 8th Expert 50+

Ted Benning 9th Expert 50+

Kristi Leinen 9th Expert 40+

Sam Hill 12th Sport 18-under

Jeff Pool 14th Expert 45-49

Cory Kramer 14th Open 60+

Brett Hoopes 19th Expert 45-49

Coleman Ryan 21st Sport