Winter Park: Team commitments needed

Winter Park: Team commitments needed

HELLO MOUNTAIN BIKE RACERS!!!   Since Mountain Bike racing season is upon us, we are now evaluating our TEAM presence at Winter Park (WP).

We have enough talented racers on the team to not only finish on the team podium for the season but to unseat Avout from their recent dominance.
WHAT WE NEED is your solid commitment too race. The rosters can’t change throughout the season (more below).  Additionally, I’m looking for someone to help out at the WP races: coordinating our pit area, bringing team tent, etc.  The schedule and team rules are below.

Race 1: Saturday, June 9 – Granby Ranch XC (New! No more hill climb..) This is a fun 2-lap race up/down the mountain for pro/experts and is 20.6 miles. 13.1 miles for Sport/Beginner
Race 2: Saturday, June 23 – XC Super Loop course TBD
Race 3: Saturday, July 7 – Race Rendezvous
Race 4: Saturday, July 21 – Elk Creek XC
Race 5: Saturday, August 45 – Devil’s Thumb Ranch  Point to Point    NEW!!!!!!!
Race 6: Saturday, August 18 – King of the Rockies
Team Captain: Ted Benning


  • Team rosters must be submitted by the team captain by Friday, June 8, 2018.
  • Please include the following: first name, last name, year of birth and racing class.  Teams can be made up of both men and women in any skill or age category.
  • Once a rider is submitted for a team, they cannot change to another team or be dropped from the team. A rider may be a member of only one team.
  • Team points will be calculated by adding the individual race points of the 6 highest racers of each team with all races counting towards the total.  A perfect score would be 300 points per race (50×6)  and 1800 points for the series (six 300-point races)

RXC WP Team Strategy:  I will submit team rosters for the SEASON by June 8. These CANNOT be changed. Also; you CANNOT be added to any team rosters AFTER June 8. So it is important to commit only to races that you know you are showing up for. I put teams together so that we are at “maximum strength” for each race. 6 racers out of 10 per team score for that race.
Registration info: (NOTE: as of May 8, the registration site is not up yet..)

ACTION TO TAKE:  Please contact Ted Benning with your race plans so I can get you placed on teams. Register for your races. Also please contact Ted with any questions.
CONTACT:  Ted Benning